60 x 90 Pole Tent

Rental Rate: $1900.00

Includes grass installation.

Additional charges for asphalt or gravel installations.

Additional charges for tables, chairs, sidewalls, and lights.

60 x 90 pole tents are a professionally installed heavy duty party tent made of vinyl and supported by poles and stakes around the perimeter and poles in the center. The 60 x 90 pole tent is perfect for very large parties, weddings and company picnics and commercial functions, and can seat over 500 guests. Spacious interiors and higher roofs offer excellent floor versatility and design possibilities. They require a 72 x 102 space. They have four centerpoles and require staking into the ground around their perimeter. Sidewalls, flooring, and lighting can be added to achieve the right effect for your event.

Basic seating arrangements for a 60 x 90 pole tent.


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