Floor Lecternette Instruction Sheet

Thank you for renting from Canton Canopies, please take a moment and review the care and operating instructions for your rented equipment.



  1. Open base unit and position with speakers aimed directly into audience.
  2. Inside base unit push down brace to secure and square base.
  3. Inside base is a speaker connection for the base speaker. Set it outside of backside of base and set top part of lecternette on the base.
  4. Connect the base unit speaker connection into the add-on speaker connection point.
  5. Open top part of lecternette and fold down.
  6. Flip open microphone and power cord storage compartment.
  7. Remove powercord from storage compartment and connect to unit and power source.
  8. Remove microphone from storage compartment and close storage compartment.
  9. Swing microphone arm into upright position, clip microphone into holder, and plug microphone into “lectern microphone” jack.
  10. Adjust microphone position to provide a speaking distance of six to eight inches with microphone pointed at chin.
  11. Set “lectern mic” level and “lectern volume” and “add-on volume” to mid-range, set “bass tone” and “treble tone” to mid-range, all other levels to min, and switch “power” to on.
  12. Adjust “lectern mic” level and “lectern volume” level to obtain minimum desired sound without ringing or feedback. Maximum volume will vary with acoustical conditions.


For wireless microphne use only.


  1. If using the wireless microphone, remove wireless mic from grey pouch, slide “on-off” button to on position. Clip microphone to a lapel or necktie and place transmitter assembly in a pocket or clip to a belt. Adjust “aux wireless input” level to midrange. Readjustment of “lectern mic” level and “lectern volume” level and “aux wireless input” level may be necessary. NOTE the wireless microphone is prone to feedback if the microphone comes to close to the speakers.



TIP      If you turn down the “lectern volume” switch you may eliminate some feedback noise.


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