Frozen Drink Machine Instructions

Thank you for renting from Canton Canopies, please take a
moment and review the care and instructions of your rented equipment.


To prevent personal injury or property damage, read and follow the instructions
and/or warnings.  Important Safeguards.  Use electricity safely and wisely.  Observe safety precautions when using the Frozen Drink Machine.  If an extension cord is necessary it must be 14 gauge or thicker, and not more than 10 feet long.  DO NOT remove Frozen Drink Machine from the blue frame.

Operating Instructions


  1. Plug the frozen drink machine directly into an approved 20 amp outlet .
    If at all possible avoid using an extension cord.
  2. Prepare your drink mix by mixing 4 parts water to 1 part concentrate.  Remove the tops of the dispenser bowls and pour 3 gallons of your drink mix into each of the dispenser bowls. Reinstall the lids.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the control panel (see switch diagram).  Press the main power switch to on.
  4. Turn the left and right agitators on (circular arrow).
  5. For slush, press the cooler switch to the bottom position (snowflake). For liquid, press the cooler switch to the up position (drops). Unit take about an hour and a half for product to be ready to serve. Maintain mix inside dispenser between the min and max levels indicated on the machine. NOTE This machine is equipped with a time delay relay that provides for a four minute delay from the initial start. This is to prevent the compressor from short cycling. Once the compressor is on the green light will be on.




  1. Let frozen product melt and then drain remaining product.
  2. Remove tank lid and add warm water and drain.




If green condensor light will not come on or will not stay on

– Unit is not receiving enough power, if an extension
cord is attached to unit remove the extension cord and plug directly into outlet.

– Unit is not receiving enough power, the circuit the unit is on may not be able to support the power requirements of the unit especially if many other things are plugged into the same circuit. Plug unit without extension cord into another outlet that is on a different circuit.

frozen drink machine controls page


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