Hot Dog Steamer Instructions

Thank you for renting from Canton Canopies, please take a moment and review the care and instructions for your rented equipment.



Please place the Hot Dog Steamer in a level position.  Connect the lead-in cord to a suitable outlet of the correct voltage.




  1. Remove the hot dog basket and juice tray and add ten quarts of water into the heating compartment so that the water level is above the heating element.  Using hot water will reduce the heating time.
  2. Place the tray and partition into the unit and put the wire compartments in place.
  3. Place the hot dogs in the small compartment and the buns in wire rack in the large compartment.  Arrange the hot dogs and buns so that there is free circulation of steam (leave buns in the bag).
  4. Turn the switch to the “ON” position and set the thermostat control on “HIGH” until steam is generated.
  5. For normal operation, set the thermostat control in the center of the range between “LOW” and “HIGH”.
  6. The steaming compartments have been designed to deliver the proper amount of steam in each compartment.  No adjustments are necessary
  7. Keep the lids closed while not serving.
  8. Add more water as necessary to maintain the water level.  (Add hot water, if possible).




  1. Unplug the unit’s power cord.
  2. Remove any remaining hot dogs and buns.
  3. Drain the water from the drain pipe (lower right front corner of control panel).  WARNING:  THE WATER WILL BE HOT, ALLOW TO COOL.
  4. Remove the wire compartments, juice tray, bun tray and partition and thoroughly clean the unit.
  5. Use a mild dish soap and water to clean the steamer parts.  Thoroughly rinse and dry the compartments.
  6. Wipe the inside of the steamer clean with a damp cloth and soapy water, rinse, then dry.  DO NOT IMMERSE THE STEAMER UNIT IN WATER.
  7. When the unit is thoroughly dry re-insert the removable parts into the unit.


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