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April 1, 2020


As much as we would like to know when will get back to near normal, our crystal ball does not work that good. The state of Michigan still has us shut down for the next few weeks (April 13th) but we expect that to be extended. We still plan to have staff to answer phone calls and emails and to answer all of your questions or to change orders or to take orders for this summer (sometimes it will be from our office sometimes we will do it remotely from home) but access to our office will not be made available. We plan to have someone answer our phones and emails during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday  9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm). Our tent installers for the most part will stay at home out of harms way until it is safe for us all to come back to work and resume normal operations.


The phone calls we have been getting revolve around June orders and what customers should do with them.


Our two thoughts on that are

  • Leave the orders in place at least thru April to see what is happening in the world.
  • Or change the date to sometime in July or August with the thought that the more time we get to get through our virus problem the better.


The sooner you change the date the more likely you will get what you want and the longer you take to change the date the less likely you will get all of the equipment that you originally needed.



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