Sno-Cone Machine

concession equipment sno-cone machineRental Rate: $50.00

Supplies for 25 servings: $5.00

Making sno-cones for any event is a snap with our sno-cone machines. Just put ice cubes in the top of the unit, close the hopper and have perfectly shaved ice for sno cones in a matter of minutes. Scoop up the ice with the special cone former, place into sno-cone cones, add a squirt of syrup and you have the perfect old fashion treat that can’t be beat on a hot summer day. Supplies include syrup and paper cones…everything you need but the ice cubes. Flavor choices include blue raspberry, bubblegum, cherry, cola, grape, green apple, lemonade, orange, root beer, strawberry, and watermelon. You will need about 30 pounds of ice to make 100 sno-cones.

Instruction Sheet