Step Three


Tent can be placed on grass surface, asphalt surface, or concrete surfaces.


Grass surface is where the entire tent area including the extra space for ropes and stakes are all on the grass surface.

Hard surface is where all or part of the tent is NOT on a grass surface.

Hard surface can be further divided into stakeable hard surface and nonstakeable hard surface.

Stakeable hard surface are mostly asphalt parking lots or driveways. It is important to understand that holes will be put into the asphalt and then plugged after the event.

Non-stakeable hard surface are any concrete surface like a driveway or any asphalt or grass surface that the property owner will not allow any staking. Remember that ALL tents need to be anchored with either stakes or ballast.

Driveways are a special situation where no stakes can be put into the driveway surface but many areas of the installation area around the tent can be staked such as landscape beds or grass along the edge of the driveway.

My tent area will be all on grass

My tent area will be on my driveway

My tent area will be on a stakeable hard surface 

My tent area will be on a non-stakeable surface

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