55 Cup Coffee Urn Instructions

Thank you for renting from Canton Canopies, please take a moment and review the care and instructions of your rented equipment.

Read all instructions before using.

  1. Remove cover and basket.  Check to see that spigot is closed.  Fill urn with cold, fresh tap water—fill according to markings on inside of urn for number of cups desired.  Use cold tap water—the automatic brewing cycle is timed to begin with a cold water start.
  2. Wet coffee basket to help keep small particles of coffee from sifting through.  Add desired amount of regular or percolator grind coffee to basket and place on the pump tube.  Pump tube must be resting in center well.  The following chart suggests amount of coffee to use for medium brew; amounts can be varied to suit personal taste and particular coffees.
12 1 1/4 cups
18 1 3/4 cups
24 2 1/2 cups
30 3 cups
36 3 1/2 cups
42 4 cups
48 4 1/2 cups
55 1 pound

1 Cup brewed coffee = 5 fluid ounces

*Use standard measuring cups


  1. Replace the urn cover and secure into position by turning clockwise until cover tabs fit into handle slots.
  2. Plug into standard household 120 volt Ac wall outlet only.  To avoid unnecessary strain on the heating mechanism, PLUG IN COFFEE URN AFTER THE WATER AND COFFEE ARE ADDED.
  3. When coffee brewing is completed, percolating will stop and the red indicator light will come on.  The urn automatically switches to “keep warm” setting to preserve fresh-tasting coffee at hot, ready-to-serve temperature.  For best flavor, remove coffee basket and pump tube when brewing s completed—REMOVE PARTS CAREFULLY:  COFFEE MAKE AND PARTS WILL BE HOT.  Also, be sure to unplug the urn when only 1 or 2 cups of coffee remain.


  1. After use make sure plug is removed from wall outlet.  Let urn cool.  Remove cover, coffee basket, and pump tube carefully—grounds and remaining coffee may still be warm.
  2. Rinse urn out with warm water – NEVER IMMERSE BASE OR URN.