Company Picnic Tips

    Many variables need to be taken into consideration when considering where to hold your company picnic

    – Convenience for your guest. Is your site easy for your guests to commute to? Is there enough parking at the event site for all your guests? Is the event site easy to find?
    – Venue site. Is there enough room at your site to accommodate all of the activities your want to have at your event? Besides the usual space needs for tables and chairs for your picnic lunch, you will need space for softball games, activities for the kids (moonwalks, obstacle courses), activities for the older kids and adults and entertainment.

    Many options are available for the location of your picnic. Huron River and Metro parks are popular sites for larger events. County and city parks are also another option for small to large sized picnics. Even large residential sites can support small and mid-sized events. Many companies have additional space on site that can be utilized for company functions including company picnics. Remember when planning events, city and county parks often have limitations concerning equipment that can be brought in and some limit catering and food service options. Many parks also require reservations for certain event sizes and popular event dates. Contact your potential picnic site for their specific requirements and restrictions.

    Many options are available for the lunch part of your company picnic. Some picnics opt for a “pot luck” type picnic where everyone brings a dish or two. Some will pick up deli and cheese trays at the local market. Most will utilize a catering company to provide food and foods service. Most catering companies can provide the standard picnic fare of burgers, hot dogs, and chicken and many will tailor a menu just about any way you may want. Regardless of the direction you go with food service don’t forget to ask about what type of food service equipment you may need. Grills to cook food, and chaffing dishes to keep hot food hot and coolers to keep beverages cool all help to make food service run smoothly. Again check with your event site as to what equipment might be available and what restrictions your event site might have on food service.
    Activities and entertainment can vary greatly from picnic to picnic depending on theme and budget. Some opt for old-fashioned softball games, sack races, and water balloon tosses. Others go more high tech with moonwalks and inflatable obstacle courses. Entertainment can be as simple as a DJ playing music, or clowns and magicians with special shows.

    Remember to match up activities and entertainment with the age group of your guests. The greater variety of activities the better chance of hitting on something for everyone. Keep in mind that one person’s activity is another’s entertainment. Having the boss run through an obstacle course (activity) may be great entertainment for the rest of the company to watch.

    While planning for the activities and entertainment for your company picnic don’t forget to account for the space needed for each area, as well as weather protection and electrical requirements. Be sure to check with your event site to make sure that there are no restrictions or requirements on the type of activities that you have chosen.

    Areas to consider when formulating your company picnic plans.

    – How many total guests and an approximate breakdown by age group (adults, teens, kids (8-13),young kids).
    – Ideas on how you want to handle food service. Menu options. Food service timing. Snack options.
    – Activities and entertainment budget. Matching activities and entertainment with your guest’s age groups.
    – Tents are a great way to make your events “rain or shine”.

How can Canton Canopies help you with your picnic?

  • We can visit the site you are considering having your event at and make sure the equipment you are considering will fit the site, or we can visit your potential event site and make suggestions on what equipment might work best for your picnic.
  • Equipment Determination and Sizing
    Use our experience to help you determine the right equipment for your picnic. We have helped plan out the equipment needs for many special events. Our experienced staff can help walk you through the process to determine the right size and amount of equipment needed for your picnic.
  • Food Service
    If your planning on preparing your picnic meals yourself Canton Canopies inventories the food service equipment you will need. Whether it’s grills to cook the burgers and chicken or chaffing dishes to keep the hot food hot, we carry the equipment you will need. Super coolers are a great way to keep canned pop or bottled water icy cold and beverage servers are great for serving cold lemonade and ice tea we stock plenty of both. We also carry a full line of concession equipment like sno-cone machines, cotton candy machines, ice cream cars, and frozen drink machines to make your event extra special. Considering having your picnic catered? We can help you there also. For larger events we can provide a complete catered meal through our catering partners. Tell us the menu you are considering and we will take care of the details.
  • Equipment and Setup
    Canton Canopies carries a large inventory of clean well-maintained tents, canopies, tables, and chairs. Regardless of the size of your event we carry the equipment that will keep you covered. Most parks require specific setup and takedown of tents and canopies. We can setup equipment early in the morning and return in the evening to pick everything up. Set up service for tables and chairs and other items can also be arranged.
  • Activities and Entertainment
    Whether you need moonwalks and small games for the kids, or obstacle courses and slides for the older crowd, Canton Canopies can help. Beside our own ever-growing inventory we have partnered with a number of suppliers to provide you with many options for your interactive picnic event.

Whether you need help with tables and chairs, or help with a full picnic
including tents, catering, and activities, Canton Canopies can be
you one stop for all your company picnic needs!