Outdoor Wedding Reception on a Shoestring Budget

Not every bride has the budget for an elaborate outdoor wedding reception, and some couples are just looking to have a simple reception without all the bells and whistles.

Here are a couple of ideas to hold down the cost of your outdoor reception.

  1. 30 foot and 40 foot wide tents are great values for the large area that they cover and solid side walls are included at no addition charge on these size tents. Can’t do without the look of window sidewalls then just pick a few sections of the window sidewalls and strategically place them around the tent.
  2. Skip the fancy padded white wedding chairs and the white folding chairs and choose the basic grey chairs which match out with most color schemes and are easier on the wallet. No one will remember what color your chairs were.
  3. Choosing banquet tables rather than round tables for guest seating may allow your reception to be in a smaller size tent.
  4. Have an afternoon reception rather than a night reception and save on lighting.  If you do need lighting skip the chandeliers and pick the par type lights.
  5. Rather than spending $15 to $20 per person to have a caterer provide food service, do the work in-house.  Every family has an aunt (or grandmother, or friend of the family) that just loves to cook and is looking for any reason to get out their pots and pans. You can really save a lot of money here.  No one with a culinary skill in your family, try your local restaurants, many have catering menus and can provide great food at a really good price.
  6. If your reception is very informal skip the linen table covers and use plastic disposable table covers.
  7. Bands can be downsized to DJs, DJs can be downsized to portable music systems and portable music systems can be downsized to your own home stereo.
  8. Choose a location that is comfortable for you.  Backyards work great, if yours is too small think of a relatives or friend home that might have a larger yard you can have your event at. Churches and local parks are good options also.

You CAN have a great memorable wedding celebration and not spend a lot of money.

How can Canton Canopies help you with your wedding?

Site Evaluation

We can visit the site you are considering having your event at and make suggestions on what equipment might work best for your special day.  We have provided equipment to hundreds of weddings and one of our installation experts might have some creative ideas on what might work best in the area that you have available.

Equipment Determination and Sizing

Use our experience to help determine the right equipment for your party. Our experienced staff will walk you through the process and help you determine the right equipment for your event.

Great Rates

Combine our very competitive rates with great equipment and even better service and Canton Canopies will be your number one choice in equipment for your event.