Cotton Candy Machine Instructions

Thank you for renting from Canton Canopies, please take a
moment and review the care and instructions of your rented equipment.

To prevent personal injury or property damage, read and follow the instructions and/or warnings.  Important Safeguards.  Use electricity safely and wisely.  Observe safety precautions when using Cotton Candy Machine.



  1. Pull handle towards you to unlock head.  Be sure to push handle back up when done to lock head for transportaion.
  2. Set the bowl over floss head and (the bowl just sets on
    the machine).  Dampen bowl with a damp towel.
  3. With the main switch in the OFF position, fill the floss head.  Always fill it 90% full with sugar purchased from us.  This 90% level is necessary to obtain a balanced condition in the floss head.  DO NOT OVERFILL!  Excessive vibration will occur if overfilled.  Manually turn the floss head to balance out the sugar. This will eliminate excessive vibration of the head.  IMPORTANT;  NEVER ADD SUGAR WHEN THE MOTOR IS RUNNING.
  5. Turn heat control knob clockwise to maximum setting to initiate the fastest possible warm up.
  6. The machine should start making floss in a few seconds.  When the unit starts making floss, you must reduce the heat setting. Turn the heat control knob counter clockwise to eliminate smoking.  If you operate the unit at “start up” setting, you will carbonize the ribbon.  CAUTION:  Never operate equipment for prolonged period of time with the HEAT CONTROL IN A POSITION THAT CAUSES THE SUGAR TO SMOKE.  If you smell burning sugar or see smoke, reduce the heat.
  7. Once you find the ideal setting the HEAT CONTROL, operate with the setting near this position each time.


Making Floss


1 – Grip cone between two fingers and a thumb.  With a light flicking action, roll cone in the web of floss building up in the pan.  Lift the cone up with the ring of floss attached and rotate the cone to wrap the floss.  DO NOT roll floss while the cone is inside the pan.

2 – If the floss fails to stick to the cone, pass the cone near the spinner head to pick up a “starter” of melted sugar.

3 – After taking cone out of pan wrap the floss with a figure eight movement of the hand.




When completing operation for the day (or any prolonged period), run all the sugar out of the floss head.  When empty, turn the heat to highest position for approximately three minutes to “clean” the bank by baking off the remaining sugar.  NEVER PUT WATER IN THE FLOSS HEAD.  Remove the bowl and raise handle over the top of the floss head to lock the floss head into place.

To clean the bowl wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry.


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