Frame Tent Bistro Light

Rental Rate : $66.00 per set


Can be used on Frame Tents only.

15×15,  15×30,  15×45,  20×20,  20×40,                        20×60,  20×80,  20×100,  20×120

Bistro light are LED down lighting and give off a yellowish hue.  There are 48 lights per set and each bulb gives off the equivalent light of 11 watts.

Tent lighting is a great way to extend your party past sunset. If your event will last into the late evening or night you will need to consider lighting to ensure your guest safety.  Our crews will install the lights on our tents, hook them up to an electrical outlet on your home (you may need an extension cord depending on how far the tent is from an outlet), and test them to make sure they are working properly. Your now ready to have your event last as long into the night as you want. 

20×20 and 15×15 need 1 set

20×40 and 15×30 needs 2 sets

20×60 and 15×45 needs 3 sets

20×80 needs 4 sets

20×100 needs 5 sets

20×120 needs 6 sets