Virus Update

May 29, 2020


Today we have started putting up tents for those who want them. We may have some slightly different rules to protect you and our installers but if you want a tent we will install it for you.  As of now we know that some version of “stay at home” requirement is through June 12, and it will be extended or start to be phased out then if not before than. Not sure how that effects Canton Canopies and not sure how that effects our customers. We still plan to have staff to answer your questions by phone and email and to change the dates of your events.  Some of the time our staff will work in the office and sometimes they will work remotely from home.  Either way we plan to have someone answer your phone calls and emails during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm) but access to our office will be very limited.  You can make an appointment to see someone in our office (we understand that some customers like to see someone in person) the appointment should be for a time within our normal business hours, all we ask is that you wear a mask when you are in the office and try to keep six feet away when possible.


The phone calls we have been getting revolve around June and July orders and what customers should do with those orders.

Our two thoughts on that are:

  • Leave the orders in place to see what is happening in the world. We have changed the policy for cancellation to allow you more time to make your decision. (see revision for this part of policy for orders for the month of June 2020 and July 2020)


  • Or change the date to sometime in July or August with the thought that the more time we get to get through the virus problem the better.


The sooner you change the date the more likely you will get what you want on the new date, and the longer you wait to change the date the less likely you will get all of the equipment that you originally ordered. Keep in mind that some late July dates and August dates are filling up fast or are already closed.

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