Step Two


Pick the type of tables for your guest seating.


Banquet tables maximize the space under a tent but tend to leave little space for guests to mill around. You will get the most seating under a particular size tent with banquet tables rather than round tables. If your goal is to get the maximum seating under a particular size tent then banquet tables are the way to go.


Round tables allow you to have a conversation with anyone at your table which makes it a more “sociable” table than banquet tables. The round tables do take up more room so they may require a larger tent than banquet tables. There tends to be more moving around space with round tables. There is a less crowded feel with round tables.

Remember the tables you pick here are for your guest to sit at. You still may need a banquet table or two for food service or a beverage station.


I prefer Banquet Tables

I prefer Round Tables